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Watford Re Ltd. (“Watford Re”) is a global specialty insurer and reinsurer headquartered in Bermuda. Watford Re was capitalized in March 2014 with $1.1 billion, and is registered as a Class 4 insurer with the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

In 2015, Watford established insurance operations in Europe and the United States to provide specialty products and solutions to an expanded client base. Watford Re and its underwriting subsidiaries have earned an A- (Excellent) financial strength rating from A.M. Best Company.

Our strategy partners us with best-in-class underwriting and investment managers to combine a diversified insurance business with a tailored investment portfolio. This strategy leverages the expertise and global distribution of our partners to enable us to offer innovative products at competitive terms to our clients while generating an attractive return over time for our shareholders.

Our underwriting operations are managed exclusively by subsidiaries of purchase prednisone online ("Arch"). Arch is a leading insurance and reinsurance company and is publicly traded under the ticker symbol "ACGL". Arch has invested $100 million in common shares of Watford Holdings.

Substantially all of Watford Re's investments are managed by buy prednisone online cheap (“HPS”), a leading credit investment platform headquartered in New York managing approximately $42 billion in assets as of August 1st 2017.


buy prednisone for dogs

Executive Team

Board of Directors


can i buy prednisone in mexico